Textopia Text Messaging with Images Coupons Promotions For Businesses

Fun tip: The Admin can take a photo and type a message and blast it to everyone in their group as Blind Carbon Copies.

Simply send a Text message to 58752 using your own 'keyword' followed by an '*' character followed by your message.

While Instagram, twitter, facebook, yelp all share messages within groups ( a bad idea for business), we offer a ONE WAY blast messaging platform ( a good idea for businesses).

We protect your assets better than those guys and we hide their accounts from your competitors. Your guests will NOT be able to look each other up, they are Not able to send messages to each other and NOT able to share news that can ruin your reputation with potentialy new guests.

That is - we do not let your guests communicate with each other. You get ALL the bling of the large group Text/Pics posting, without the sting of social sharing or worse, sharing your clients social accounts with your competition!

What is the most valuable asset of your business?


Sum it up for me.

You already have what you need to make more money, you have your clients and they have friends. You just need a way to be on top of their mind at key times and make sure they are kept informed when you make that web site update.


We eliminate all the negative relationship sharing features of 360 degree social networks and the trickery of the Search Engine Optimizing expenses.

We are not a search engine ad network where your client is bombarded with your competitor's ads before they find yours

We eliminate the mass marketing expenses of general mail box stuffers and create a direct relationship with your clients.

We eliminate the sharing of your hard earned followers with each other or worse, your competition!

We save you and your valued customers a huge amount of time searching the web and preventing the search engines from sharing your client's eye balls with your competitor's sites that are 'placed' right next to yours!!!

We do not share your network of followers with your competitors like the other social media services.

We offer a turnkey messaging service that addresses most requirements. However, if we missed the mark, ask us to create your own message content display with database integraiton and video messaging for a richer sharing experience.

We can provide you with the ability to capture individual purchasing information inside your unique distribution network and POS systems. With our unique software based customer ID's you can record transactions to gain a better understanding of your customers behavior.

You can use your Promo Page keyword on TV, Print, and other Media. You can ask each client to give you their phone number or they can enter it.

If you have a web site, we help bring more traffic to it by Promoting it via your private group of followers.

We are the answer to the slow business day. Stop waiting for them to find you. Promote it NOW.