TexTopia Text Messaging For Employee Communictions

What do you do differently than other text services?

We offer PUSH text marketing via opt in text based integrated multi-media marketing campaigns on a unified industry platform. Designed to help move more merchandise from the factory to the merchant to the consumer. We know one size does not fit all businesses. If you do not have the creative staff or technical skills in house to customize your integrated marketing experiences with your back end systems, let us know and our professional services staff can help you get started.

Why do we use TEXT messaging vs Direct Mailers, Email or Fax?

Text are read 98% of the time compared to 14% read email newsletters and 1% who use it or redeem money mailers. We offer a direct instant one-way messaging platform that keeps your brand relevant on a regular basis to a privately managed information list individually tailored to each follower.

Text pricing is 1000 times lower that most redemption services. Some charge as much as 52%! That can be 50 dollars for one order!

You seem similar to group coupon networks and hash tags, why are you competing with them?

Forget Paid Coupons. They cost too much. Forget Search Engine Optimizing. Your name is hard to find and when they do it is surrounded by your competitor\'s web sites. Forget Email. Email is the new junk mail. We are not competing with them.

How much does it cost?

Nothing to get started. We have a Free Trial bundle with 100 messages per keyword. You can buy Unlimited Key words, Unlimited subscribers, No APP required. You can send group text from your native text messenger OR your computer, Customer portal with reports, Send multi-media messages, send photos, videos, deep links, directions, phone numbers, maps etc, custom integration to your internal databases, sponsored advertising and paid subsriptions available.

Free Key Words, Free 100 messages, No charge for inbound messages, and here is the differentiator - we have something text messenger services do not have. We offer Promo Pages that does all the steering, analytics and more.

Message rates start at 49 for 1000 messages no contracts, over 25,000 per week per key word account for just 2.4 cents each. Custom integration and professional services available.

What else should I condsider?

Think of this scenario: You have a web site, you spend hours making changes and nobody visits your store or reads your web site. This is because your web site is like a tree falling in the forest. Nobody hears the tree unless they are IN THE FOREST. Nobody, not even your loyal customers know what is new on your web site, in your store or happening right now unless you promote it.

Did you try an expensive coupon network? Did it attract the right clients or the wrong clients? Did they come back?

Did you try SEO? Did your web site appear by itself or was it next to your competitors?

Did you try a hash tag? When you got your hash tag, did you intend to give your competitors your client list too?

Think about that again. When was it ever okay to share whom you do business with on social sites with your competitors? It was never okay.